Alice Chamberlain, Windwhistle Warren Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue, Gloucestershire

Our mutual love of rabbits was how I first met Sharon. I run a rabbit and guinea pig rescue and Sharon came to adopt one of our orphan bunnies. She now has quite a menagerie of bunnies, as well as the additions of guinea pigs and degus. Her excuse for the piggies and degus is that in order to care for other peoples pets properly she needs to have personal experience of them. Well, I will leave you to ponder on her reasoning! I guess Chris is just relieved that she did not decide to board giraffes or something!

Whenever I have a medical crisis at the rescue I always go to Sharon for advice. She has a very in depth knowledge of the complexities of rabbits and will always put herself out to help when she can.

Both Sharon and Chris are very caring genuine people, and I can assure anyone who wishes to leave their beloved pet in their care, that he/she or they will be in capable, loving hands.