Chris & Phoebe Bianchi

Ever wonder why you sign those Forms to say that treatment for your pet can be initiated when you are away, well here’s our story….

Our Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Minnie, has been to Blackberry Boarding for our annual holidays for quite a few years now. Sharon & Chris have always taken good care of her each time we have left her there. So this holiday was no different when we dropped her off.

Unbeknown to us, the same day that we dropped her off, they noticed that she had blood in her urine. As we had gone up to the Lake District where reception for mobile phones is very variable, & being on holiday, I didn’t even look at my text messages for a few days. They had taken her to the vet – suspected urinary tract infection, so had started on antibiotics. However the matter did not improve, but got worse – so by this time we were now aware as Sharon had been texting me all the time & I had phoned so had found out about the situation. To cut a long story short – Minnie needed to have an operation – she had a tumour in her womb.

So from dropping off a healthy bunny, to having these tricky conversations from the Lake District, not knowing whether to come home again, not knowing whether to have the rabbit put-down, with the amazing help and support and absolute caring response that we got from both Sharon & Chris, we were able to stay on our holiday, negotiate things over the phone and have Sharon & Chris take care & love Minnie as if she was their rabbit.

When we got home Sharon also offered to take care of Minnie for a period so that she could recuperate fully. As we both work full time, this was a good option for us knowing that Minnie was in excellent hands.

So a bad situation , but in excellent hands = still being able to have a good holiday & come home to a rabbit that had been through a major operation and was cared for so well.

Our gratitude and appreciation for all that Sharon and Chris did to make this happen for us. And what an amazing testimony to their dedication and care of these little creatures that we entrust into their care. Excellent service – and happy to give anyone a reference anytime.