Sharon and Chris looked after our lovely bunnies Naboo and Poppy for a whole year and we simply cannot fault them!! Because we were leaving the country for such a long time it was really important to us that we left our beloved bunnies in good hands, and we couldn’t have found anyone better. They looked after them like they were their own bunnies and showed them all the love and affection that we would have. In terms of medical care, Sharon can spot a poorly bunny before the bunny even gets sick! She is surely psychic! Naboo had a bit of tummy trouble through the stress of the move, but thanks to their speedy attention it was nothing to worry about and Naboo soon settled down. Luckily they have access to excellent bunny vets meaning that if anything does happen while in their care they are in the best hands.


It was especially reassuring for us to have regular updates from Sharon and Chris, including regular blog updates, which meant so much as we got to see them even though we were far away. They were very conscientious in letting us know everything that was going on with the bunnies, such as if a new diet regime had been implemented, or if they were having jabs. This sets them apart from other boarders because the level of their care and communication with us went way beyond what we could have expected. They went out of their way to ensure that the bunnies had a similar life to the one they have with us, meaning that a whole room got rearranged! They took extra care to look after them in the way that we asked and even managed to get our chubby lady bunny to lose a bit of weight, which is no easy task! They managed to do this thanks to scatter feeding the rabbits, which shows just how far they will go for the health of the rabbits in their care. Their food routine was excellent, with lots of fresh veg and hay and our bunnies were definitely very satisfied.


They were extremely accommodating to both us and the needs of our rabbits and we doubt very much that our time spent abroad would have been as enjoyable if we hadn’t known the bunnies were being taken care of so well. We will definitely be using their bunny boarding again. Sharon and Chris are very special. They are kind, generous and bonkers about bunnies. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found them and Naboo and Poppy definitely agree. The bunnies will miss their auntie Sharon and uncle Chris and we feel like we have built up a friendship with them over the last year, but we will see them again soon in the future.