VHD2 Update

Following several cases of VHD2 in Gloucestershire there has been a lot of concern about this very serious disease of bunnies. As per the RWAF rabbit experts our advice is that all rabbits be vaccinated annually for this disease and only those in high risk situations should consider twice annual vaccinations (ie lots of wild rabbit contact, bunny hotels etc). As always for any specific queries please feel free to call us. And if your bunny has not had VHD2 (in addition to their regular shots) please get this done right away!


We feel daily exercise and playtime is a necessity for your pet's health and the extra stimulation this gives prevents your pet from becoming bored or unwell. We have secure runs available for this purpose so your pets can have a free run in the garden (weather permitting). We also have sun shades during hot weather and rain covers for the more typical British weather.

Health & Hygiene

Rabbit accommodation is maintained to a high standard and hygiene is of utmost importance. All rabbits must be vaccinated before they come to stay at Blackberry Boarding. The vaccinations required are Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD).

Part of what you are paying for when your pets come to stay with us is our experience and knowledge of health matters. As an example, rabbits are complicated creatures and they have very specific needs which we know how to cater for. We are very experienced at looking after rabbits and we can pick up the subtle signs of an unwell rabbit very quickly which is essential, as they can go downhill very rapidly and then the situation become life threatening. Being prey animals they are also very good at hiding the fact that they are poorly which is not the best thing to do when they need help.

We are fully supported by our local vet, Jason Burgess of the Wood Animal Hospital, who is an Exotics Specialist. We regularly keep in touch with him if we have any pets unwell and his advice and experience is always sought before any action is taken.

Any veterinary costs will of course be the responsibility of the pet owner.